My summer vacation

During my break so far I have spent time with family and I was in a play, beauty and the beast, we all had a lot of fun doing the show. My family and I will soon go on a trip to San Diego. We will also go to Sea world and to the San Diego Zoo. If you want to see my play website go to

I hope you all had a good Easter celebrating it with family and friends! We had an Easter Egg hunt I hope we got them all because last year we forgot one hard boiled one. My neighbor had come over when we had seen an egg with a faded look and we asked my mom if we could break it. We broke it and it litterally sounded like a mini grenade and it smelled soo bad no one wanted to clean it up so my mom did it she was freaking out! To this day we still look back and laugh about it! 😀


Hey Easter Bunny,do you care that 25 million Americans have diabetes? No, don’t worry, just keep handing out sugar coated chocolate eggs!Did you ever wonder why the Easter Bunny gave away chocolate eggs? Last I checked, bunnies don’t lay eggs. What kind of sick new species is this?Its the day before and im saying it now so I won’t forget!HAPPY EASTER!!