Tomorrow is the last day of school!!!! we are a year round school so the other 3 tracks, b,c, and d track, are still in school. we are the only ones who are on summer break (starting tomorrow) SO WOOO HOOO



New years just hit 21 minutes ago it was awesome!! Either gun shots or fireworks were EXPLODING out side my house!!Probaly fireworks. On a game animal crossings for the Wii is celebrating with fireworks!!Hope 2011 is a great year to all!! I watched the count down after watching an episode of  Psych!! It was 3 minutes till countdown!! We made it in time though!!It was cool!! Happy New Year America!!

Peace On Earth To All!!(I really mean all)

4th of July (Independence day)

On the 4th of July I will go to my uncles house for a pool party. Me, my mom and my sister will make cupcakes. The cupcake bread will be red velvet to represent the red stripes  on the flag, white frosting to represent the white stripes on the flag and blue sprinkles to represent the blue area on the flag                                                                                      

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