Tomorrow is the last day of school!!!! we are a year round school so the other 3 tracks, b,c, and d track, are still in school. we are the only ones who are on summer break (starting tomorrow) SO WOOO HOOO


4th grade what i think it will be like (8/17/10)


By : Ashlyn  Kennedy

This year I am in 4th grade.

     4th grade will be hard yet interesting. It will be different compared to 3rd grade.

I will learn all about missions of California for example the San Jose mission. Unlike 3rd grade where I learned more about the solar system, matter and animals in their habitats or the lessons in my science book. Really any lessons in my social studies book I can say in my class we only read to maybe two or three lessons. But this year it is getting really interesting.

     Math this year is a lot harder than I thought. Subtraction and addition right now is getting to be very old because, every year since 1st grade your class

goes over it to see what you’ve leaned the year before. In 3rd grade when I started learning about multiplication and division it didn’t get very hard.

     In 4th grade it will get very hard to read because, we have to be able to read chapter books like Harry Potter in advance. I hope I will get good grades on my reading level. If I don’t I read very hard books and after all that I didn’t get a good grade but, hopefully not.

     4th grade will be hard but, I know I can do this. This year like 3rd grade I will take the state test. This test is very important.

     4th grade will be very interesting.