Tomorrow is the last day of school!!!! we are a year round school so the other 3 tracks, b,c, and d track, are still in school. we are the only ones who are on summer break (starting tomorrow) SO WOOO HOOO


NBA play off news 4/15/11

New for the NBA playoffs Lakers once again in line for NBA championship crown. I hope they win for the third time in a row starting from 2009, 2010, and a chance for 2011. Lakers second time with Ron Artest. Dwight Howard in a chance of moving to the lakers. News with the NBA just started getting alot more interesting. In a chance of winning lakers are in another chance for more fame. With a chance for once again winning a third time in the NBA 2011 champion playoff game. And thats all with the NBA. THANKS!

Las Vegas

Hi!:)What’s Up? I’m going to Las Vegas in a few weeks!:) It’ll be awesome!I’m going with my cousin Carlos, my aunt Michelle,and my cousin Cathy well also the rest of my family too! I can’t wait till we go my mom planned all of this so Thanks Mom!!:) LAS VEGAS!! Yeah!! So any ways it’ll be cool! We will take our nerf guns to shoot at my dad it’ll be funny to watch my dad cry like a baby


New years just hit 21 minutes ago it was awesome!! Either gun shots or fireworks were EXPLODING out side my house!!Probaly fireworks. On a game animal crossings for the Wii is celebrating with fireworks!!Hope 2011 is a great year to all!! I watched the count down after watching an episode of  Psych!! It was 3 minutes till countdown!! We made it in time though!!It was cool!! Happy New Year America!!

Peace On Earth To All!!(I really mean all)